• Image of Copper Creek: Orgonite Amulet
  • Image of Copper Creek: Orgonite Amulet
  • Image of Copper Creek: Orgonite Amulet
  • Image of Copper Creek: Orgonite Amulet
  • Image of Copper Creek: Orgonite Amulet

Copper Creek; Orgone Energy Amulet: Atlantisite and Citrine, Industrial Crystal and Gemstone Jewellery.

This unique, industrial looking piece is not just an interesting piece; it’s also Orgonite, which is an equal weighing of organic and non-organic material – a natural enhancer of good energies.

This necklace contains Orange Kyanite & Quartz, aluminium, metal shavings, Copper coloured flakes in resin.

It measures 1.5cm wide, by 4.5cm high, and x 0.9 cm thick, and comes with the Wire necklace colour of choice, it was photographed with the Brown, if you prefer another colour in the Ribbon necklace, or black leather please convo me your colour preference.

The energies of these specific crystals is:

Orange Kyanite
is uplifting and optimistic. an excellent energy tool for balancing the chakras. Enhance all types of creativity, whether it be in creating art, the way you work with people, or any other place creative thinking is used.

Is a often used as a shamanic tool, Native Americans call it the brain cells of mother earth and other the holder of galactic memory. It is a great healer, and amplifies and works with a persons energy in whatever way is needed. Cleanses the soul on the deepest of levels, and harmonises the body, mind and soul.

It is handmade by myself, and is also based on the concepts of Orgone Energy; which is based on William Reich discovery of orgone, where it's said to transmute the positive ions into negative ions, which are better for us and enhance our environment.

Whether you believe in the Orgone Energy or not is up to you, either way it is an interesting story and stunning piece of jewellery. The ideal gift for yourself or loved one.

Please note that everything here is handmade, carefully and delicately – this does mean that there may be imperfections, small bubbles, and the odd bit of glitter or metal from another pendent that has decided to makes in home elsewhere thanks to a small gust of wind. Rather than think of these as imperfections I’d rather see them as a quirky stamp of uniqueness, and the assurance of the fact that it is handmade.