• Image of Divine Ruby: Orgone Heart Amulet
  • Image of Divine Ruby: Orgone Heart Amulet
  • Image of Divine Ruby: Orgone Heart Amulet
  • Image of Divine Ruby: Orgone Heart Amulet
  • Image of Divine Ruby: Orgone Heart Amulet

Ruby Love: Orgone Energy Necklace, Crimson Heart; With Ruby, Citrine and Garnet Gemstones. Industrial Crystal Jewellery.

This unique, industrial looking piece is not just an interesting piece; it’s also Orgone Energy, which is an equal weighting of organic and non-organic material – a natural enhancer of good energies.

This necklace contains Ruby, Garnet and Citrine Gemstones, aluminium, iron flakes and shavings in resin. It measures 2.8cm wide by 3cm High, and 0.5cm thick.

It was photographed with a Bronze chain, if you prefer another colour please let me know your preference via the pull down.

The energies of these crystals:

A major protector of family and possessions, as it is also a powerful energetic shield against negative energy. It brings energy to life, and hence may over stimulate those that are hyperactive. It encourages those that have a zest for life and are keen to follow their dreams and bliss. A stone of pure abundance in every sense of the word.

Traditional said to be good luck, as it drives off demons, negative thoughts and phantoms. It’s a powerfully energising stone that protects and warns of danger. It inspires love, devotion, courage and self-confidence.

Is a stone of joy, prosperity and good luck. It is said to promote abundance and generosity in all areas. It strengthens manifestation, imagination and personal will. As it enhances the power of the sun it both soothes and energises. Bringing about creativity and imagination and fresh beginnings.

It is handmade by myself, and is also based on the concepts of Orgonite; is based on William Reich discovery of orgone, where it's said to transmute the positive ions into negative ions, which are better for us and enhance our environment.

Whether you believe in the Orgone Energy or not is up to you, either way, it is an interesting story and stunning piece of jewellery. The ideal gift for yourself or loved one.

Please note that everything here is handmade, carefully and delicately – this does mean that there may be imperfections, small bubbles, and the odd bit of glitter or metal from another pendant that has decided to makes its home elsewhere thanks to a small gust of wind. Rather than think of these as imperfections I’d rather see them as a quirky stamp of uniqueness, and the assurance of the fact that it is handmade.